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From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Sun Apr 15 21:42:05 EEST 2012
On 12 April 2012 14:17, robert bauer <nybauer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks vgrade.  Jaffa, please record the follow on discussion you had with
> X-Fade after #mer-meeting in this thread.

The gist was:

  * Replacing Extras Autobuilder with OBS and a Mer project managed OBS
    are independent.

  * Nokia pay Nemein for x hours of maemo.org support a month. Anything
    above and beyond business-as-usual should deliver tangible, and
    documented, benefits to maemo.org with transparent investment &

  * Some packages currently built by the autobuilder don't build cleanly
    in COBS. An approach (including, potentially, binary & source imports
    directly) would need to be determined for these.

  * The premise that aligning maemo.org builder + Downloads + Packages
    + QA with other projects, such as AFM will mean less inconsistency
    and more efficiency in terms of  maintenance/development is
    _probably_ true; but may need to be spelt out and proven.



The transcript:

18:05 < Jaffa> Belated question/point - the question of maemo.org using a Mer
               project managed OBS is independent of replacing Extras
               Autobuilder with OBS.
18:06 < X-Fade> First we need to see if it is technically feasilble.
18:06 < Jaffa> Sure, the same people would be involved; but maemo.org is paying
               for x FTE from Nemein, including X-Fade. Gets a bit blurry if
               Nokia is paying of the servers for both, but it sounds like
               server donations is something Mer doesn't want anyway,
18:07 < Jaffa> X-Fade: In the status update, you said it had been working as a
18:07 < Stskeeps> also.. that not all packages may build under 'obs' autobuilder
18:07 < Stskeeps> we can take this discussion in #mer as well
18:08 < Jaffa> Stskeeps: That's only a problem when rebuilding them; which will
               probably only happen if there's a maintainer around
18:09 < X-Fade> Well, yes and no.
18:09 < X-Fade> You'd ultimately want to manage the whole repository in OBS.
18:10 < X-Fade> But that _is_ a lot of work :)
18:10 < Jaffa> Right, but the "Extras" and "Extras-testing" repos would be a
               single thing, and could be seeded by the existing repos
               (binaries + source)
18:10 < X-Fade> Only until someone uploads a lib which those libraries depend
18:11 < Jaffa> X-Fade: I suppose the premise (which hasn't been spelt out, nor
               confirmed) is that aligning maemo.org builder + Downloads +
               Packages + QA with other projects, such as AFM will mean less
               inconsistency and more efficiency in terms of
18:11 < X-Fade> You'd want to make that possible at some point.
18:11 < Jaffa> True.
18:11 < X-Fade> A better maintained repo.
18:12 < X-Fade> Now we can not do things like that.
18:12 < Jaffa> Once the scope of the problem is known, a "taskforce" could try
               and tackle them (depending on the types of problems, and how
               many there are)
18:12 < X-Fade> We could even update the fremantle sdk :D
18:12 < X-Fade> But yes, might be a topic for another meeting/thread.
18:13 < Jaffa> X-Fade: TBH, a bit too much time gets spent
               designing/implementing the perfect generic solution. It's a
               current restriction, there's no guarantee an arbitrary package
               in Extras will rebuild with its dependencies at the moment (IIRC)

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