[maemo-community] Council Meeting

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Apr 17 23:31:30 EEST 2012
On 04/16/2012 02:08 PM, ext Andrew Flegg wrote:
> On 16 April 2012 20:13, Quim Gil<quim.gil at nokia.com>  wrote:
>> Understood. What software components would be covered by this license? Are
>> we talking about whatever is needed to keep the Maemo&  MeeGo Harmattan
>> targets in Extras Autobuilder and COBS or is there something more?
> At a minimum, AIUI, it's whatever parts of the SDK are needed to keep
> the Autobuilder (targetting Chinook, Diablo, Fremantle, Harmattan) or
> COBS running.

I sent a first question to the Nokia legal team and I got a first 
answer. They need to know the exact list of packages, with a special 
attention of any proprietary binary coming from third parties.

> However, it should also extend to redistributing those parts in the
> form of SDKs; and possibly even firmware images.

Let's try solve the OBS case. If it is solved, then the SDK will be a 
direct consequence.

About firmware images, this looks more complicated since 3rd party blobs 
are definitely involved there plus a potential collection of 
certifications and liabilities (my own guess, "I'm not a layer", etc).

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