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From: timop.harkonen at gmail.com timop.harkonen at gmail.com
Date: Mon Apr 23 08:32:32 EEST 2012
There's that, yes. Was there a page with the timeline / dates for the election?


arie at everythingn9.com kirjoitti 23.4.2012 4:02:

Mr. Crochik, 
It is currently here:

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On 4/22/12 8:08 PM Felipe Crochik wrote:

I feel that I blinked my eyes and a long time has passed - I lost track of what is going on with the election. I have to confess that I am a little rusty and couldn't find myself (if it is available).... 

Wouldn't be a good idea to have a page under Maemo Community Council with the date of the election and list of candidates?
If we don't have already it also would be great if we could have the candidates declarations/comments/answers all in one place like we have had in previous elections.


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