[maemo-community] Repo hell?

From: twilight312 at gmail.com twilight312 at gmail.com
Date: Sat Apr 28 14:24:00 EEST 2012

Another example of situation, that shouldn't occur in any case - unrelated package uploaded to community repos, that cause overwrite over crucial SSU package. And, despite few initial comments, it *is* actually harmful.

Sure, this mess is mainly due to lack of common sense on uploader's side (which he has history for...), but isn't it also repo bug? If yes, Community OBS is going to fix that, yep?

What do You think, does it require intervention from repositories maintainer (removing FCKD package)? We don't want to end up with plentora of reboot-looping devices...

BTW, before someone reply that "it's -devel and usual warnings apply" - yes, I agree, but it's not the point here. Problem is, that it got same name convention as other thing from crucial SSU repo, causing overwrite of the latter. Shouldn't happen.

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