[maemo-community] maemo.org services go to read only mode for the migration

From: Joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Date: Tue Dec 18 17:41:36 EET 2012
Di  18. Dezember 2012
> Hello,
> On 18/12/12 15:58, Joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> > Hi Ferenc,
> > a question regarding talk.maemo.org: is there room and resources left for
> > running it on the new infra in a VM?
> > We need to move this service too, until end of this month ideally. I
> > think it would be very nice regarding administration when all maemo stuff
> > is on one physical site.
> > Could you arrange for such VM to be set up or at least planned, so we (or
> > you/Nemein, or both) eventually can do the migration?
> > What's your take on it?
> My 2cents: yes, in the current circumstances it would make sense to have
> the forum in the same hosting environment.
> However I have to pass this ball to Nemein, Reggie and the Foundation.

Well, it seems Reggie offered to transfer tmo to either board or council, and 
I seem to recall he also offered to help with the migration.
Board decided they need a chief admin, and appointed me for that position, 
partially because I'm already maemo councilor and thus "passed the tests" and 
could take responsibility.
So basically the ball is in Nemein's half now regarding that. 

And aiui this annoying concerns about location of tmo hosting are a concern of 
just current (Reggie) and future responsible admin (me) of the tmo VM.

Seems things could finally arrange in the nice way and just in time :-) If 
board can negotiate an affordable agreement regarding future hosting and 
technical/system admin.

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