[maemo-community] Could anyone help us with a Nokia contact? (maemo.org competition related)

From: Ry F ryanfprojects at gmail.com
Date: Sun Dec 23 21:10:01 EET 2012
Hi all,

We're trying to track down 2 missing device prizes from the coding
competition (we've tried a few Nokia contacts over the past while but have
had no luck with responses). Would anybody know anyone inside Nokia who
might be able to assist us with locating these two missing devices?

One was to be sent to maemo.org member netvandal and one to
maemo.orgmember Wikiwide. Neither have received a shipping
notification or tracking
number, and nothing has arrived for these guys. The prizes for the other
winners have been received fine long ago. If we could reach out to someone
somehow and see if these devices were sent, and maybe if there is any
tracking information for the packages, that would be a great start. If
these devices are no longer available then at least we'd know not to wait
for them anymore.

If you'd prefer not to reply to the mailing list, please feel free to email
myself directly or the competition 'catchall' address via *maemo*.*
competition2012*@*gmail.com,* or reach out to any maemo.org council or
board member. We're also discussing the situation on the competition
discussion thread at http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1307127 if
you'd like to get involved.

Many thanks for any help, and Merry Christmas also :)
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