[maemo-community] Everybody please fix bug in your scratchbox installation!

From: Ивайло Димитров freemangordon at abv.bg
Date: Sun Jul 22 13:43:02 EEST 2012
 thumb in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS does not enable anything, but there are packages, who check for that in their debian/rules file and pass -mthumb to compiler if found(modest, HAM and osso-gnome-vfs for example).

-mthumb passed to gcc enables thumb2 instruction set, as the other options tell the compiler that CPU is arm7.


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According to this:
thumb != thumb2. Will thumb in DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS enable thumb or thumb2? As I compiled sqlite3 without changing the variable and works ok. 

-- Marcin 

 2012/7/19 Pali Rohár   pali.rohar at gmail.com > 

 On Thursday 19 July 2012 10:18:49 Marcin Mielniczuk wrote:


> $DEB_BUILD_FLAGS is blank. It may be why there's a problem

> with libmeegotouch (segfaults and etc.), as libmeegotouch is

> in non-free

> --

> Marcin


 Thumb is for arm processors, not for intel x86. If libmeegotouch

is compiled for fremantle with thumb then this is reason why it




Pali Rohár

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