[maemo-community] Missing source code for GPL'ed, Maemo's (5) osso-backup

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Sat Jun 2 19:12:59 EEST 2012
Sorry, but if that's the case, you did something wrong, or you used it when it was pre 1.0.

I've used backupmenu a few times to backup from one device and restore to another after a fresh flash, and it's done a complete clone.  The only caveat is that you have to flash the kernel version of the backup file before restoring it on the target device, as it doesn't backup/restore the kernel area.

The menu offers two backup options, one for rootfs and one for the opt area.  You have to back up and restore both to make a full system backup.  Now, if you've moved things off from /opt to MyDocs or some such, that won't be backed up.  And there's no option to back up MyDocs, since frankly it's huge and can be backed up by other means.

Regardless, the topic at hand is about Nokia's backup program and getting source for it.  It's being looked into, and I'm sure we'll get an answer soon.  I'm sure it was more an accident that it wasn't included than some malicious intention to keep it from people. :)


---- misterc <claudebucher at gmail.com> wrote: 
yep, installed backup menu, used it shortly & reflashed both my N900s to get
ride of it :@
with all due respect to Robbie, it's not even ½ backed (up) :mad:
- can't use it to transfer a setup from one device to another, thus
- can't make a *real* restore after a re-flash, neither :mad::mad:

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