[maemo-community] Maemo Community Award

From: Ed Bartosh bartosh at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jun 3 13:19:33 EEST 2012

I'm nominating mysels to the Maemo Community Award.
I'm a member of Maemo community from 2007.

I've been involved in the following projects as a developer or packager:
Python for Maemo
Simple Launcher
touch-typing tutors
Evince Document Viewer
Extras Repository Management
XKCD home applet

I'm also an author of Maemo Autobuilder (buildme).
Despite the fact that I've been working for Nokia for a long time(not
anymore) all those projects were done in my free time.

My Maemo profile: http://maemo.org/profile/view/ed_/

I haven't got any devices so far. I'm interested in getting any device
(N9 or N950), but I'd prefer N9 if possible.

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