[maemo-community] Self-nomination for Community Awards Program

From: Simon La Rose simon at laro.se
Date: Thu Jun 7 05:47:33 EEST 2012
Hi Piotr,

I unfortunately do not have any very recent activity within the community.
Partially due to moving/personal life, partially due to Aegis, partially to
not actually having my own personal device that I can use on a daily basis
without risk. All excuses aside, the more use I have with a
device/platform, the more I can see the areas requiring modification, and
solve problems in those areas.

My previous "contributions" are mostly personal things that others became
interested in. Kludges, if you will. While I can't guarantee devoting time,
I can guarantee there are things that people would like to use their
devices and the platform for, that I will find - indicated by the links I
provided earlier.

Hopefully this helps. If not, I am sure there are other members who are
currently working in the community that can absolutely devote time.


- Simon

On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 8:28 PM, Piotr Jawidzyk <twilight312 at gmail.com>wrote:

> Simon, thanks for Your submissions. could you please point us to your
> *recent* contributions/activities?
> don't take this question as offensive, please. I would rather like to
> gather more information.
> /Estel
> 2012/6/4, Niel Nielsen <nieldk at gmail.com>:
> > It is not a hinder. There are many reasons fir having a second device.
> > First, some development brings a risk of frying (brick) a device. One
> more
> > reason is that there are differences between N9/950 allbeit they are
> > similar in many ways. It definately helps development quality and speed.
> > Lastly, surely many will already own one or more devices, having already
> > contributed to this community.
> >
> > /nieldk
> >
> > On Monday, June 4, 2012, zimon wrote:
> >
> >>  For someone who already has N9 or/and N950, why do you want another
> one?
> >>
> >> I'd think it serves not as much purpose to give N9/N950 to those people,
> >> no matter how useful they are for the community.
> >>
> >> On 06/03/2012 09:43 PM, SLR wrote:
> >>
> >> Is this still running, and is this the right place?
> >>
> >>  Application if not all devices are allocated. N9 preferred, as I have
> an
> >> N950 thanks to the graciousness of somebody.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
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