[maemo-community] Community award submission

From: Marcin Mielniczuk marmistrz at linux.pl
Date: Sat Jun 9 18:12:26 EEST 2012
My name's Marcin Mielniczuk, my TMO nick is marmistrz, the same with

I'd be satisfied, with any device, either N9 or N950.

My history of maemo.org contributions divides into 2 parts.
I joined TMO in May 2011, straight after I bought my N900. I didn't do
nothing that pledges until some time.
I turned around after someone told me that by continuous posts about the
same thing I won't get anything.
So I you find something old, n00bish this might be from the time before.

What I did after the turnaroud was:
MeeCoLay: MeeGo Compatibility Layer, still developed
I was discussing about qt-components, the missing icons from
meegotouchtheme-nokia-icons which is copyrighted.
I compiled libc6 2.10. This doesn't work flawless but I think with help
from some people from TMO we'll get it in such state as libstdc++6 4.6
I created metapackages libqtcore4, libqtgui4, libqtwebkit4 to ease up
installation of apps from Harmattan.
Prewebenv: I worked some time ago on running Mojo apps on Fremantle, I
published it today. I've just received an e-mail about making the team, I
think we'll be able to do more!
WRT Data Optify: Package which optifies QtWRT's data. Apps are installed
into rootfs and when Mojo apps will be installed
I created a modified QCPUFreq script which automatically enables and
disables SR VDD1 & VDD2 if set on: Latest
, initial post <http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=1157835&postcount=180>
I packaged a S60 Skin for MicroEmulator (will be uploaded to extras-devel
in the following days) and MaeMeeMo
I created my own repo, I host the skin there, hosted kernel power v49 when
it was in -devel only.
I ported dr14tmeter and arename from Debian. The second one required
porting many perl libs.
I ported some MeeGo libs, their names are x11proto-input-dev-meego,
libxau6-meego, libxcb-proto-meego, libcreds2
I tested many Preenv games, compiled the newest jflatt's libsdlpre for
keyboard mapping (0.1.4 was available before the server went down and I
compiled 0.1.6)
I worked a bit on WolframAlpha app to be compiled with your own api key.
I was helping many users when they had problems.
I'm planning to release preenv-plus in the next days (hd lib and scripts +
keyboard mapping lib and scripts).
I found minor bugs in ereswap, openmediaplayer, eyrie for Fremantle.
I created the "Grand IPK sharing thread".
I contributed in the Package names for blacklist in transitions.ini
I created MicroEmulator Compatibility List
I reported some bugs.

If I should provide more details about something, just ask :)

I know I shouldn't include future deeds, but if I don't make it before the
"deadline", just ignore them.

Marcin Mielniczuk
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