[maemo-community] Community Award submission: hschmitt

From: Harald Schmitt linux at hschmitt.de
Date: Sun Jun 10 22:52:10 EEST 2012

I nominate myself for a device from the Community Award. I will accept
any device.

I will give three different reasons for picking me.
1) Testing for fremantle
As you can see from my profile at
I spend a lot of time on testing projects and giving feedback. A
category where more resources are needed.

2) Helping to get Phonebook access for N900 to work.
In this process, I dealt with bluez upstream project, so that the
knowledge does not get lost.

3) Improve an existing app
I did not start an application for N900 myself. Rather I took an
existing project, asked the maintainer whether I could take it over and
brought it to extras repository.
I think there is a high need on caring for orphaned projects.
There are already lots of brilliant applications, that need some
polishing to get into extras, but the maintainer has left maemo.org.

Best regards,
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