[maemo-community] Maemo Community Award

From: Luke-Jr luke at dashjr.org
Date: Tue Jun 12 06:16:23 EEST 2012
While I feel Gentoo users should be able to figure most of this out on their 
own, I spent some time documenting Gentoo/N900 (at Estel's request, admittedly 
mainly in hopes of winning a N950):

It's not complete yet, but I thought I should mention it publicly before it 
gets to be late in the contest timeline. This also covers basic Ofono use on 

I also decided the reverse engineered N900 GPS information on the Maemo wiki 
was a bit *too* outdated, and updated it with much finer details:

There is information on my past N8x0 kernel work here (note that not 100% of 
this is my work):

Thanks again for considering me,


On Monday, May 28, 2012 2:10:25 PM Luke-Jr wrote:
> I am nominating myself for the Maemo Community Award.
> My past accomplishments involving Nokia Internet Tablets:
> - Reverse engineered hardware-level (cellmo) N900 GPS protocol;
> Somewhat old rev-eng'd specifications on the wiki:
>     http://wiki.maemo.org/N900_GPS_Reverse_Engineering
> - N900 GPS NMEA "proxy" (to use it with gpsd, without liblocation)
> - Responsible for the N900 and N810 ports of Gentoo GNU/Linux
>     http://luke.dashjr.org/programs/gentoo-n900/
>     http://luke.dashjr.org/programs/gentoo-n8x0/
> - oFono port, including complete GPRS and SMS support on the N900,
> integrated with Gentoo networking/init scripts
> - Gentoo support for N900 cameras, wifi, kernels, etc
> - Gentoo support for N810 keyboard, GPS, kismet, battery charging, etc
> - Contributed to mainline/vanilla Linux port for N810
> I also worked on porting Mer (before it was assimilated into MeeGo and
> eventually killed off) to Genesi's EFIKA MX platform, but did not finish
> the port before Mer ceased to exist :(
> I am currently working on (these are somewhat working, but not complete):
> - ALSA driver for N900 cellmo voice calls
> - User-friendly phone application using ALSA and oFono
> - ALSA N900 high-pass audio filter (without this, there is a significant
> risk of non-pulseaudio applications destroying the speakers!)
> - Proper gpsd driver for phonet GPS protocol (ie, no proxy required)
> I would like to do:
> - Gentoo port for N950 and/or N9
> - Gentoo-integrated N900 battery charger
> - Integrate a better user interface than KDE 4 (looking at Plasma Active
> and Razor-qt for now)
> - Video calling, possibly including Skype, on Gentoo
> - Gentoo support for TV out, FM xmit/receive, bluetooth, infrared, 3D accel
> - Tilt-based Neverball port :)
> I'd much prefer a N950, as it has a keyboard and is a feature-superset of
> the N9 (so my Gentoo port should automatically support the latter).
> Thank you for your consideration,
> Luke
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