[maemo-community] Community Awards self-submission, (e-yes)

From: Alexey Roslyakov alexey.roslyakov at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jun 14 14:59:51 EEST 2012
I’m Alexey Roslyakov (aka e-yes or drunkdebugger), best known as one
of developers of NITDroid open source project (porting the Android to
Nokia N900 and Nokia N9/N950 devices). I want to nominate myself for
Maemo Community Award.

- made an original port of Android ICS to Nokia N9 (current status:
- participated in Android for Nokia N900 porting (Eclair, FroYo,
Gingerbread, ICS). developed/hacked: charging/battery status, audio
HAL, DSP, Radio Interface Layer (libofono-ril, ported ofono and
libcmtspeechdata to Android), wi-fi connectivity, accelerometer,
- improvements to NITDroid kernel(s)
- improvements to multiboot (N900) and sillyboot (N9) second stage bootloaders
- maintainer of NITDroid source code repository
(https://gitorious.org/android-n900), hoster of nitdroid.com sites
(downloads.nitdroid.com, forum.nitdroid.com)
- reverse engineered Harmattan’s BME IPC client protocol, wrote simple
opensource “bmestat replacement” named bmecli:

Android ICS is runnable on Nokia N950 _already_, although, there are
hw-related issues (e.g: keyboard layouts / Fn key problem) that
someone have to solve ;)
I wish to apply for N950 only (already owner of two Nokia N9).

TMO user: http://talk.maemo.org/member.php?u=39727 (e-yes)
Source code: https://gitorious.org/~e-yes
Demos: http://www.youtube.com/user/drunkdebugger

  Alexey Roslyakov
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