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From: AllBoutN9 info at allboutn9.info
Date: Sun Jun 17 18:19:12 EEST 2012
Dear Maemo Community,

Through a sports accident and two broken fingers I unfortunately only was at a computer when it was absolutely necessary (school and work) the past weeks. I missed that there was a submission deadline for the community awards what I regret a lot - but I'll still give it a try and would fully understand in case my community effort couldn't be considered anymore.

I'm not yet that long a member of the Maemo community and spend a lot of time at the iOS community before I got my hand on a Nokia N9. It has been interesting but not that easy to switch a community and arrive in a new one as a complete noob. 

I had to find my place first and ended up creating www.AllBoutN9.info. AllBoutN9 is a website which aims any Nokia N9 users - or in other words many "normal" users which don't use the phone the same way most community members use it. My website was created after I felt that Nokia (esp. Nokia Conversations) doesn't talk enough about the N9 and I was also looking for a way to share my experiences, ideas and solutions. 

So far the Website has been a success and it got many loyal readers. Furthermore we (I have someone who helps me with writing articles) had contact with several developers who shared us their applications for reviewing and testing. It's also nice to see that we have new authors in the list who are ready to write for us.

But that's not all: We also started to support many users - daily there are questions via our Twitter page, Facebook page, website itself and especially email about Nokia N9. Two times it even ended up in long Skype conversations where we tried to fix 2 phones which got messed up with NITDroid (in combination with unexperienced phone users). 

It's a fun project and great to get in contact with so many Nokia N9 users all around the world. But of course it is a very time-consuming website (not only the writing, but appealing webdesign and articles. Through my absence the blog got a bit unattended but I was happy to hear from several people that we have to keep up the project. Isn't that a great motivation? Certainly it is :-)

Have a look at the website yourself: www.allboutn9.info

Since I'm not a developer and mainly aim end-users, I would prefer a Nokia N9. It would be nice and helpful to have another N9 "in the team".

Thank you for your consideration and apologies for my delay,

Marco Geiger

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