[maemo-community] Good bye!

From: Jed jedi.theone at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jun 26 09:41:42 EEST 2012
You clearly didn't follow all the threads, this was discussed in-depth. 
Everyone agreed they should be allowed to partake too.
Re-read the criteria, whoever was deemed to have made the biggest 
contribution were to be granted a CA.
That did not EXCLUDE people who contributed through coding efforts.
Generally such efforts have the biggest impact & require far more 
So it's only logical that more of such contributors would win out over 
other community contributors.
I was disappointed that I didn't win, but I know my contributions 
haven't had anywhere near the impact that others on the list have had.
Have an honest look at yourself, can you honestly say the opposite?
I noticed INABT didn't make the cut, that was very surprising.
But the competition was so tight, there was always going to be some 
deserving users who missed out.

On 26/06/12 4:21 PM, claude bucher wrote:
> there is absolutely nothing to be amused about here
> and i'm not talking about Micheal's disappointment not getting a device,
> as much as it put his "hitting a brick wall" statement in a questionable
> light; wouldn't have minded keeping a brick i guess...
> what may frustrate Micheal (and others, most likely, even thought the CA
> winner list thread must already have debated this ad nauseam....) is the
> fact that several if not all members of the Council won a N950;
> a couple thoughts about this
> no matter what personal likes or dislikes one may have for each of the
> current Council member, they all made considerable contributions to the
> Community and their being in the Council is but the most recent one (!)
> what is maybe more questionable is that many of the CA devices were
> granted on base of... missed coding competition opportunities, to put it
> bluntly.
> is this what this community is all about? coding?
> if that's the case, Micheal's statement appears under a different light
> IF NOKIA decides to pull out of Maemo, more then coding is going to be
> needed to save the community...
> however this may be, nothing to be laughing about...
> On 26 June 2012 06:43, Jed <jedi.theone at gmail.com
> <mailto:jedi.theone at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     LOL....
>     On 26/06/12 2:25 PM, misterc wrote:
>         can't help noticing that a couple weeks ago you applied for a N9
>         from
>         the CA...
>         would winning one have changed your opinion on the "no future" idea?
>         On 26 June 2012 04:07, Michael Cronenworth [via maemo community
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>         lists] <[hidden email]
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