[maemo-community] Good bye!

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Tue Jun 26 20:29:13 EEST 2012
K.. I'm calling it:  This horse is officially dead.  Can we all just calm down now?

This mess has been raging on TMO, IRC, and now here.  Frankly it's now just absorbing time, pissing people off, and doing nothing but preventing real and needed work from getting done.

I know most of you share the feeling that the community is worth being in and saving.  We have a lot of the latter to do, and none of this is causing progress, in any form.

Instead of writing a witty reply, go write a script, or a news letter, or update a wiki page, or whatever it is you do for the community.  Anything but being bitter, catty, or trolly, please?

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