[maemo-community] Community Awards N9

From: kent madarcos kent_autistic at yahoo.com
Date: Mon May 28 04:37:47 EEST 2012
Hey All,

I have been an N900 user since May of 2010. I must say I have never heard of Linux or the related before getting my hands on a Maemo device. The N900 experience gave me a wider perspective about smartphones and technology and how it should be in terms of practical use completeness. I am very active in TMO not in the development side, but in the end user side. Testing new apps have been an adventure and just like watching a suspense movie. I am very willing to test more and more apps most especially Frematle CSSU. Also, I am a anti-spam soldier. I have reported so many spam threads and from time to time comment on threads which are unnecessary or not on the correct category.

Thanks for your time!

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