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From: ibra.kalifa at gmail.com ibra.kalifa at gmail.com
Date: Mon May 28 11:11:07 EEST 2012
Im currently a samsung employee, at their gallery, but hey i dont like any OS that they offered to us, when i hold n900 and n9(maemo devices) i find myself in a happiness, and falling in love with them, i joined maemo.org for learning and add my knowledge, now im fired from samsung gallery, because im work without passion there, now i managed my own litlle gallery, for me its not a misery, but its a glory, long live maemo, from your all i know what the meaning of Linux-power,  what the meaning of power-user, and freedom, i hope i can participate to be a part of maemo history, as a tester, a lover, and a fans, let me apply to be another n950 owner, you can contact me on Twitter or facebook at ibra.kalifa at gmail.com , and im TMO member with ibrakalifa name, best regard, ibrakalifa. Long live maemo, kiN9 of all amaziN9, :)


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