[maemo-community] Community Awards Submission

From: Tobias Merk tobias.merk at googlemail.com
Date: Wed May 30 08:55:02 EEST 2012
Hi there,

my name is Tobias and i´m one of the Founders of MeeGo.de (now known
as opensmartpad.org).
My TMO Nick is Dr.Heyde : http://talk.maemo.org/member.php?u=38405

We´ve created a really cool German Community around the maemo
(N900),MeeGo(N9/50;Ivi,Netbooks,Tablets),Mer,Nemo,Tizen Stuff.
I´m writing a lot of articles, Reviews,Translations,HowTo`s about any
kinds of apps, devices, fixes. Make Hardware and Softwaretests.
Doing a lot of Betatests for our Developers. (FotoshareN9
Writing some small script´s for the N900 & N9.
We help any kind of user (Newbie or Pro) in the mobile Linux World.(i
helping other users with their problems as good as i can)

I would like to apply for a Nokia N950 because some scripting works
even better with a keyboard and i love this Device ;).
I also want to developing some cool and usefull apps for the harmatten
platform(i´ve lot of ideas but must train my conding skills ;))

Best Regards,
Tobias Merk
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