[maemo-community] Open Letter from the Hildon Foundation Board to the Maemo Community

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Date: Fri Nov 9 11:48:52 EET 2012
On pią 09 lis 2012 10:23:07 CET, Ryan Abel <rabelg5 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Nov 9, 2012, at 2:36 AM, Piotr Jawidzyk <twilight312 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 2012/11/8, Community Council: Ivan Galvez Junquera <council at maemo.org>:
> > > By Tim Samoff, chairman of the Hildon Foundation Board.
> > 
> > > Because of this, it is the current Board's opinion that the
> > > relational dynamic between the community, the Council, and the Board
> > > should remain very similar to how they existed between the
> > > community, the Council, and Nokia in past years. And, because of
> > > this, it is the Boards opinion that the community should continue to
> > > communicate directly with the Council, and not necessarily with the
> > > Board. (Hence, discussion forums such as "Ask the Board" are quite
> > > inappropriate for these purposes as they never existed between the
> > > community and Nokia.)
> > 
> > Thank you for your letter, Tim.
> > 
> > Is there any particular rationale (other than historical comparison to
> > Nokia->Council->community), for avoiding direct communication between
> > Board and Community, and using Council as a proxy between those two?
> Clear roles of responsibility and avoiding overlap of purpose?

Following this line of thinking, we can reverse it into necessarity of two bodies existence - if they can overlap own purpose, do we really need Council in addition to Board? Generally, Community's (lack of) interest in candidating for/electing Council seems to suggest otherwise.

But, as stated in original question, I would like to know Board's opinion on rationale for proxyfying Communication with Community through Council. I hope, that there are good reasons, other than "to assign some job to Council, thus justify its existence in Foundation's times".

All after all, I'm sure that asking questions and presenting isn't crime in Maemo's mailing list (yet).

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