[maemo-community] Open Letter from the Hildon Foundation Board to the Maemo Community

From: twilight312 at gmail.com twilight312 at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 10 20:48:43 EET 2012
On sob 10 lis 2012 14:03:30 CET, Andre Klapper <andre_klapper at gmx.net> wrote:

> On Sat, 2012-11-10 at 11:36 +0100, twilight312 at gmail.com wrote:
> > Now, even simply writing, that practice of candidating to Council and
> > asking "people, don't vote for me" (instead of revoking own candidacy
> > - to support creating Council, that shouldn't exist, due to lack of
> > interest) is making jokes of democracy, result in being assigned ban
> > on TMO. 
> I have no idea what you're talking about (who got banned for what, who
> said "Don't vote for me" etc.) as you keep things intentionally vague,
> plus I don't have time to read every single thread on TMO or such.

ivgalvez was candidating for Council and Board at the same time, yet, he asked - in TMO thread about Council - to not vote for him. At the same time, he refused to revoke his candidacy, as it would result in too low ammount of candidates to form Council.

I was temporaly banned from TMO, due to my post, where I stated, that in my *personal* opinion, acting like that is "lack of reaspect for other candidates", and that, again, in my opinion, he should decide if he want to be elected or not (by staying in election or revoking candidacy), as "you can't be pregnant and virgin at the same time".

Above quotations are "strongest" language from post, that was excuse for ban. Of course, it never contained any profanities, etc. Ban got extended to 6.12.2012 (maybe have something to do with santa claus...), just because I've asked moderator - via PM - which rules got broken, by *only* possible way of communication with them (PM).

I don't want those discussion to focus on this sole situation - I'm OK with thia decision (even if it's extremely inapproriate and, honestly, plain stupid), and, frankly, I couldn't care less for moderation standards on TMO, that is dying anyway.

I'm rather worried about whole change of "climate" around Maemo. Even of darkest days of Nokia's lack of cooperation, where people were hanging dogs on Nokia (many times, without actual merit), "rulers" were not so alergic to critic. Also, there were not so much hostility for different opinions.

Just look at those "kindergarden" ideas by zogg (sounds like some re-education ideas from chinese regime), or overall level of agression, when not-co-comforting questions are asked.

Are we really so weak, that we need to be afraid of *any* interfnal critic? It isn't matter of personal like/dislike for me, or anyone else (and I couldn't care less for being "liked", anyway...). It isn't even matter of me being right or not - I always keep in mind, that I may be completely wrong.

It's problem of reactions. It seems that nowadays, anybody who kisn't sugar-coating or "rulers" pupil (looking at you, zogg), must be ready for extreme (as for Maemo) ammount of hostility, and risk of "repressions" from wanna-be regime. Heck, even here, some miserable people would like to ban from mailing list, just because this discussion here...
> But keeping things vague and questioning decisions again and again after
> they have been made is definitely a good way to drag people into endless
> (and useless?) discussions. Cheers!
> andre
> -- 
> Andre Klapper | Bugmaster
> http://blogs.gnome.org/aklapper/

You're right, and I feel my fault for this unnecessary discussion. I would like to end it here - after all, it started as simple (two lines) question to the Board, inspired by welcome letter... Which got ignored by people, that got asked, anyway (not suprisingly, many people who were *not* asked, decided that their input is absolutely necessary and unavoidable).

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