[maemo-community] Banned from maemo.org - someone went ape shit nuts?!

From: twilight312 at gmail.com twilight312 at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 12 15:33:42 EET 2012
On pon 12 lis 2012 14:22:55 CET, Fvghgtfrde Fdesfggtfrdefgtfrde <blowthestate at yahoo.com> wrote:

> By advice of helping soul from IRC and Estell (thanks, man!), i'm
> sending my rant here: what the hell is happening with maemo.org forum?!
> Today, one moment i'm posting, and two hours later i see this:
> [code]
> You have been banned for the following 
> reason:
> Estel
> Date the ban will be lifted: Never[/code]
> Someone went ape shit nuts there?! estell pointed me out to this link:
> http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=1293253&postcount=293 as reason for
> ban. i'm JCDentom quoted there, and all my posts got deleted too!! What
> the hell is happening there? I got banned because some bitchy moron
> think i'm estell?!
> Sorry for thone of this message bros, but i'm really pissed off!!

Sorry "bro", I laughed like hell, while reading this. 

Then, I have cried a little, as it seems, that maemo just hit the bottom. And drilled half a mile of mud.

Seriously though, even during wildest dream, the Most Bersekerish Council Hater (tm) wouldn't imagine something like that. Really.

Let me re-conclude this - we have started banning users and deleting their contribution to maemo.org, just because Emperor Palpa... Ivgalvez doesn't like his nick? Seriously?

Guys, I hope you have remembered, to also check wiki? Maybe there is some input from him, that must be deleted too? Or, maybe you should also delete all wiki articles I've written, or vandalise ones where I have ever added something?

Then, and only then, (as in post quoted in link by JC), "Witchhunt" will be complete.

Congratulations. Now going to reconvalescence from Obsessive Facepalm Syndrome(tm).

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