[maemo-community] Banned from maemo.org - someone went ape shit nuts?!

From: Shawn Jefferson sjefferson at shaw.ca
Date: Mon Nov 12 18:50:29 EET 2012
This: "because maemo.org is overgoing "hostile takeover" by so-called
Community Representatives?"


Give it a rest already, it's getting boring, and you are starting to come
across as a petulant child.  No one is performing a hostile takeover".
These folks volunteered, and the community by and large, supports them and
appreciates their willingness to work for the community. You are rapidly
destroying whatever positive benefit you've brought to the Maemo community
over the years-you should reflect on that.  Maybe maemo.org isn't the place
for you anymore, if you disagree so strongly with the way the community is
headed-if that's the case, I wish you well in wherever you end up.  If not,
and you chose to stay, you should reflect on why you feel the need to
continually, and relentlessly (and from my point of view: baselessly) attack
the current BoD and Council.  Stand back and let them do their work, and if
you don't like the way it's being done, you have the same choice you would
have with your own country's government: either vote for someone else, or
run for office yourself.


Disagreeing with decisions made, is not why you were banned (from my point
of view), and, as a lowly maemo.org member with only a few karma, I fully
support the actions taken against you so far.  I also wish that you aren't
permanently banned, and can come to terms with the direction the community
is headed and can once again be a productive member of that community-but
not if you cannot stop the nonsense both on TMO and in the mailing list.




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On pon 12 lis 2012 14:47:38 CET, Andre Klapper <andre_klapper at gmx.net>

> The attitude and wording shown in your email might provide enough reason 
> to justify that decision now, even if it was initially wrong? 
> Being pissed off is no sufficient reason to miss basic manners. 
> andre 
> -- 

While I also doesn't like his tone, lets be serious here. You would be
extremely happy, if your account, PM's, and all posts would disappear, just
because maemo.org is overgoing "hostile takeover" by so-called Community

And this part, especially: 
> The attitude and wording shown in your email might provide enough reason 
> to justify that decision now, even if it was initially wrong? 

I hope, that you're not talking serious. Here, in Poland, this was way of
thinking, that Communist dictatorship presented for 50 years, and I'm not
eager to see it again, anywhere. 

Let's ban everyone, and delete everything, just in case. Those, who will
react with respect and love for new Dictatorship, will be proven worthy.
Others? It's their fault, after all, they reaction *after* is enough to
justify moderation abuse *before*. 

No matter of his inappropriate wording, he should be - first of all -
excused by people responsible. 

Also, I can hardly imagine, how ivgalvez can stay in Board and Council
without burning to red (through pink and violet) from shame. 

But, considering low morals of most people being Maemo "rulers" now, he
won't have any problem with this, probably... We already had Chair being
glue to chair, despite numerous fails, and overall catastrophical results of
anything, that he touched. I don't expect Ivan to present more ammount of
personal honour, sadly. 

Now, feel free to ban me permanently from maemo.org, for writing the above.
If this is how this community looks now - with losers appointed to TMO
moderators, rogue IRC chanops, hopeless Board that is too "high" to
communicate with Community without Public Relation Department, and
marionette Council - I don't want to be a part of this anymore. 

After all, it's only 50 days to zero-hour (unless Nokia save the day, and
decide to pay longer). Only one hope, now, is in Maemo's FOSS spirit, taking
shelter somewhere else, due to work of really dedicated people. Sure,
maemo.org domain is lost to "hostile takeover" by compromitted (and
compromised) Foundation, but fortunatelly, it's not the thing, that matters

I'm really sure, that Maemo's spirit will be preserved in other, more
friendly place. 


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