[maemo-community] Banned from maemo.org - someone went ape shit nuts?!

From: ilyaskriblovsky at gmail.com ilyaskriblovsky at gmail.com
Date: Mon Nov 12 20:55:29 EET 2012
Okay, much cleaner now

Mitrandir12.11.12 21:48 Niel Nielsen написал(а):
Thanks for this very clear, precise and explaining mail Ruediger.


On Monday, November 12, 2012, chemist wrote:

Hey Folks,

It was me who banned JCDenton and aquamarine aswell and I added some more points
to Estels account 'after' he was banned for one month already (Letsee account
got him some extra juice).

Estel got banned for 3 days initially for being not so nice to people...
Clear rules state 'do not have a second account beside', starting with Letsee
which was not posted from at first so I left it alone but made other mods aware
of it. Some one noticed him posting on that account, banned it permanently and
added points to Estel's account... 1 month ban.

I did not follow the IP after that till someone pointed at JCDenton considering
to be Estel, checked the IP again and voila another account shows... seems Estel
did use a not working fake mail account and was forced to open another.
JCDenton got a "One-Touch-Ban and Clean" click which is only possible with
accounts not posted much and newly created (to ban Spambots).

For the screenshot Reggie made available: I think he missed to blur the top. He
has a strict policy when it comes to securing or sharing privat data. I can
assure you that 'yes' it was a search for a single IP and they matched Estel
JCDenton Letsee and aquamarine while in the picture JCDenton has no more posts
as I deleted them so no match for posts.

Estel, I sent a warning out to you at least twice. There are rules and if you are
not up to playing by them you may leave or get banned. Your choice.

Ruediger Schiller

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