[maemo-community] [HFB] Some thoughts concerning "rules of engagement" that fall outside of the Bylaws document...

From: Lucas Maneos maemo at subs.maneos.org
Date: Tue Oct 23 11:52:55 EEST 2012
On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 11:32:33PM -0400, robert bauer wrote:
> I can't explain why these non-profits have done what they have done.  How
> do we know they have not made a mistake?

We (well, I) don't.  But if they are wrong, and the law forbids any
non-voice conferencing, it seems quite discriminatory to me (for
instance it means no one with a speech or hearing disability can serve
on the board) and I'm surprised it hasn't been challenged.

In light of this, are we sure we want the foundation incorporated in
Pennsylvania?  Clearly we want to be able to have IRC meetings (it's
even written in the bylaws), is there some benefit in being in PA that
trumps this?

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