[maemo-community] Self nomination for maemo community council.

From: Michael Demetriou qwazix at gmail.com
Date: Sun Oct 28 14:41:32 EET 2012

I want to help. That's it. I've been trying to squeeze my head to
think of a candidate declaration but I don't think I can come up with
one. One thing that you need to know is that I believe that a
community like us is going to fade away without devices, so I will do
whatever I can so that we can have a new reference device, be it
something community sponsored, or an adaptation for an unlocked device
that's already out there from a reputable manufacturer, or a jolla
device or something.

A little bit about myself:
I am 27 years old, I live in Athens, Greece and I am a civil engineer,
currently working as a web developer and graphics designer. I love
mobile devices, open software, movies and photography, among other
things. I am very much into user interface design, and I like to try
every diverse device out there and keep the best ideas in mind.
My first encounter with maemo was when I played with a friend's 770,
but I came here to maemo.org with my N900, which I bought in an
impulse. I had hardly used linux until then and I had never coded
anything else than java (and a little bit of pascal). As the months
passed, I wanted to have the experience I got on my phone on my pc too
- I know this happens usually the other way around - and now I am an
everyday linux user. I also got my hands dirty in qt trying to make
speedcrunch a little bit more touch friendly. In the meantime, while
the N900 always bulged in one pocket, the other pocket changed tenants
quickly. Symbian was replaced by android and that with WP. When the N9
came around that pocket got a resident too. The N9 for some weird
reason made me want to code for it more than the N900 did, and so
contactLaunch, mobilecrunch and rawcam came to life. Recently I bought
a N810 so that I get a little bit of maemo history in my hands.

I haven't lived in many online communities but I find maemo to be cosy
and friendly, and I want that to continue. I love the fact that people
who moved to other devices still stay around and discuss, and that
even threads like xxx vs Nxxx are still civilised and have useful
discussion in them among the inevitable argument. I appreciate that
most people here love their devices, yet they provide pretty objective
opinions when a newcomer asks for advice.

I go about with the username "qwazix" both in tmo, mo, twitter, and irc.

P.S. We need one more candidate to create a 5-member council which I
think will be better for the community. Come-on in!
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