[maemo-community] By-Laws for Hildonfoundation

From: robert bauer nybauer at gmail.com
Date: Wed Sep 5 21:35:57 EEST 2012
On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 12:24 PM, Woodward Craig <woody14619 at yahoo.com>wrote:

>  Gregor,
> The Board (as currently envisioned by the Council and the bylaws) would be
> responsible for managerial, financial, contractual and legal aspects of
> maintaining the assets of the Maemo community.  These are the sort of
> things that, to date, Nokia has handled or delegated to a service
> provider.  Part of the desire to retain this separation is therefore
> historical, as it's a familiar and established framework.
A word of clarification - the Board of Directors is (and has to be) legally
responsible for the nonprofit.  This responsibility cannot be waived by the
bylaws, although the functions can be delegated to others with the
Board maintaining and being responsible for oversight.
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