[maemo-community] Nomination of joerg_rw/DocScrutinizer for Maemo Council

From: Joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Date: Fri Sep 28 23:24:21 EEST 2012
Fr  28. September 2012
> Hi all
> We really need volunteers to join the Council in this term as the migration
> to self administrated infrastructure and adaptation of our resources to the
> newly created Hildon Foundation is not going to be easy.
> I'd like to nominate Joerg Reisenweber
> (joerg_rw<http://talk.maemo.org/member.php?u=35572>at TMO and
> maemo.org member <http://maemo.org/profile/view/joerg_rw/>), also known as
> DocScrutinizer on IRC, for Maemo Council election.
> He's a very well known member of the community since really long time,
> strong Maemo advocate and brilliant developer.
> I hope he accepts the nomination as we are really needing his help in the
> upcoming months.
> Regards
Hi and thanks(?) for the nomination,

since I'm short of time right now (alas this won't change for whole term, I 
promise), I just like to post a "I accept" here, since ivgalvez pushed me by 
mentioning there's only 5h left to do so. Plus I add a self-nomination for 
board, since I think there's much of synergy to be exploited and board is the 
more enjoyable position in my book anyway.

I'm not promising I'll invest more of my time than available (which is pretty 
little, maybe even as small as 2h/week) into either of both, and I'm accepting 
just to not let maemo down. No self-advertisements here right now, those who 
know me will also know whether to vote for me or not. 
Just one statement: In my book both council and board are *services* brought 
to community since community needs them. I'm not interested in any "internal" 
power (definitely falsely) attributed by some to either of those positions, I 
will exploit all the power/opportunities that such a position might give, to 
bring maemo ahead or at least keep it alive. But I'm neither maemo's master 
nor your referee, and I hope you'll call me out on that if ever my notion 
regarding that seems to have changed. 
I'm ready to help as much as my spare time and knowledge allows, and that's 
it. I'm not promising to become a better diplomat, I know my soft skills are 
poor regarding that, please excuse me already. Nor will I hold back with my 
notions regarding particular details of development or maintenance. I think 
and hope I could still act as a normal community member regarding that, and I 
hope you won't read every of my comments like I had a council hat on, it 
doesn't fit my head ;-). Now it's up to you.

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