[maemo-community] Self Nomination for Maemo Community Council/Hildon Board

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Sun Sep 30 11:34:56 EEST 2012
On 28 September 2012 17:01, S. Howard <howards at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
> my name is Howard and after some time have thought about it and wish to self
> nominate for the Maemo Community Council. I have been on TMO before and have
> followed the Council previously. I normally spend time helping others with
> Maemo and soon MeeGo issues and currently develop for the Fennec platform
> re: add-ons.

Your maemo.org username is "howard"? I'm afraid you don't have the
requisite karma to be able to run:


However, it does not look like your maemo.org account is linked to
your TMO profile. This may push you over the minimum 100 karma point




[1] http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_Council/Election_process

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