[maemo-community] subscribtion to maemo-community

From: Gido Griese gg at gido-griese.de
Date: Wed Apr 17 13:59:40 UTC 2013
Hi there,

yesterday, I subscribed to maemo-community and confirmed the following 
Today, I still get a "*Error**- maemo-community roster authentication 
failed.*" when clicking on the "visit subscriber list"-button.

Is my subscription still pending confirmation or what is wrong?


PS: who am I actually talking to here (TMO username)?

*Kameramann & Filmproduktion*

Gido Griese
Heußweg 95
20255 Hamburg

Mobil: +49 - 172 - 40 41 108
Telef: +49 - 40 - 318 15 797
Mail: gg at gido-griese.de
Web: http://www.gido-griese.de

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