[maemo-community] Nominating Andrew Flagg for Hildon Foundation Board of Directors

From: joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Date: Fri Jun 14 22:32:46 UTC 2013
fort he convenience of those who don't allow their mailer to display html 
mail, here the fullquote:

On Sat 15 June 2013 00:08:09 rabelg5 at gmail.com wrote:
> Per the massive bait he's laid out for me on Twitter, I'd like to nominate
> Andrew Flegg (Jaffa) for the Hildon Foundation Board of Directors
> election.
> For those of you unfamiliar with his body of work,  Andrew has been
> involved with Maemo since the beginning with the release of the 770 in
> 2005 (there's a funny story involving his 770 delivery, stairs, and an
> injured ankle). He is the originator of the Community Council concept and
> the primary architect of its formation. He has served several terms on the
> council, including a term during maemo.org's transformation into the site
> you see today. He created and designed MWKN and is the main party
> responsible for bringing it to you each week.

And now my personal statement:
INCREDIBLE, if jaffa actually accepts. I already had asked him since he's been 
one of the two or three persons I would favor most to see in either council or 
Oh yes pleeeease! 
Jaffa, make the good old times come back. A board with you and GA and Woody, I 
can't figure anything better suited to put HiFo back on rails, to stop all this 
irritation we recently seen and to give the community a bright perspective.
Just hurry please to accept your nomination!

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