[maemo-community] [Referendum] [Council] Council Rules Referendum (fwd)

From: mentalisttraceur at gmail.com mentalisttraceur at gmail.com
Date: Sun Mar 24 22:02:58 UTC 2013
Since a few days ago we have been on our own and having a body that it's main 
function is to communicate with Nokia no longer serves a purpose. Another body 
with similar functionality is however provisioned by the ByLaws of the Hildon 
Foundation. We need to set up election rules for this new body (Hildon 
Foundation Council) and transform Maemo Community Council to Hildon Foundation 

The Maemo Community Council election rules ( 
http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_Council/Election_process ) are a good base to 
start with, but they have a drawback: While there is a provision to avoid 
unelected members for less than 5 members, this provision does not cover the 
actual number five resulting in all 5 candidates to be appointed councillors 
(what has currently happened). This should be corrected and the clause "If 
fewer than 5 candidates stand for election, the 3 with the most votes are 
elected to the council. " must be changed to "...fewer than or equal to 
five...". For the same reason, the clause "If there are fewer than 3 
candidates when the nominations close, the election cannot be held. " must be 
changed to "...fewer than or equal to three...".

Thus, a referendum is called with the following question:

In order to repair special cases in MCC rules, and bring them into alignment 
with HFC rules, the following: (MCC Rule List*) Shall become (HFC Rule List*), 
and the Maemo Community Council will from now on be transformed into Hildon 
Foundation Council. Yes or No?

*For the full list of changes between MCC Rule List and HFC Rule List see: 

(Since this referendum should be resolved before the upcoming Council 
elections, if it passes it will apply to the upcoming election.)

Follow the discussion at: http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?p=1330915

[Posted by Mentalist Traceur (Alexander Kozhevnikov) on behalf of Council, 
credit to qwazix (Michael Demetriou) for writing the actual post text, and 
a special thanks to warface (Falk Stern) who fixed the community mailing 
list allowing this to be sent.]
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