[maemo-community] Candidate for Maemo Concil election

From: Niel Nielsen nieldk at gmail.com
Date: Fri Nov 1 09:43:50 UTC 2013
This is my formal acceptance and request for participating in the upcoming
council election.

My Maemo account username is NielDK and IRL Niel Nielsen.
I have been an active member of this community for a good four years, and
have been member of the council previously.
Possibly it was the hardest time, since it was the transition from leaving
a community that was regulated and sponsored by Nokia, and we had to form a
council and set initial regulations / election of a legal board of director.
I did not succeed very well during this period. There were a lot of
internal disputes and fights between concil member / board members and
However, we got things started, and the council that was elected for the
next period did a very good job in sorting out the mess.
It is sad to see that none apparently wants to continue, but hopefully the
next council will do even better.
Secondly, why I am not happy about my period, was due to a load of personal
issues, which I can say now have come to a (good) end, and I am getting
hold of my life, and gaining more time to again be active member.
I have contibuted within this community as an active member, helping other
members with issues, solving problems that arose from Nokia stopping
support for N9xx device.
Also, I have been developing applications, utilities and libraries, that
all now reside on openrepos - another great initiative to solve the lack of
support/updates from Nokia.
For the most, my work have been consisiting in developing improvements to
kernel, but also tools and libraries that is useful for pentesting.
I hope that I will be considered, and do feel asured that the next council
will step up, and further improve our community and support for our
devices, to have a life beyond the expectations of Nokia.

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