[maemo-community] self-nomination for council

From: B. Reino bernardo.reino at gmail.com
Date: Tue Dec 9 16:04:34 UTC 2014
Cheers all,

I'm Bernardo Reino, known as reinob in maemo.org (and now also on IRC :)

After passive reading of TMO I joined the community in 2011 when I bought 
my first N900 (now I have three).

I realize that I'm not that much of a "community" person. Meaning I don't 
care much about (maemo) politics and other non-technical issues, including 
things like the wiki or repositories. I usually compile my own stuff and 
publish (if at all) a .tgz a la Slackware.

Anyway, I do have an interest in keeping Maemo and the N900 alive, 
including future developments such as the Neo900 and the fremantle 
porting. Note that Harmattan and Sailfish are not really high in my list 
of interests (above Android and iOS, but that doesn't say much).

In any case, I'd be glad to, if elected, assist in whatever it is I could 
do. I believe (or hope) that I'm on good terms with techstaff people 
(which lately is not as obvious as it should be concerning the council), 
so I could help there.

If there's anything you need to know, please let me know.

Bernardo aka reinob
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