[maemo-community] Accepting Nomination for Community Council

From: Alexander Kozhevnikov mentalisttraceur at gmail.com
Date: Sat Dec 13 23:55:36 UTC 2014
Hello all,

As I understood it I had until it stopped being 2014-13-12 UTC time to 
accept my nomination, so this should be just barely in time. I delayed 
until the last possible moment because I was deeply unsure if I should 
accept or not.

My involvement in the community has been very limited since my last 
council term about a year or so ago. I have been rather occupied with real 
life concerns, and as a result, I missed a lot of the politics that has 
happened since then. As a result it will take me a while to get up to 
speed at to exactly where we are (as I understood it we did transition to 
a German e.V. organization, or are in the process of making said 
transition, and that there has been some serious disagreement about 
exactly what direction to take in several matters of how the community 
will function - I am not fully caught up on how things have developed 
since then either). I prefer to be properly informed before taking on any 
responsibility, which was part of my hesitation.

However, the same core stuff has remained true through my entire Maemo 
community involvement (lurking starting in 2009 as the N900 was just being 
released, active posting after getting my first N900 in the summer 
of 2010): I consider it of great importance to have an as-open-as-possible 
and libre-as-possible mobile platform, due to both deep ethical 
considerations, and personal convenience and preference. I still think 
this community is one of the most viable chances we currently have of 
keeping that goal.

I also realize, however, than many in the community are 'newer' than I, 
and have been N9 and Jolla users (I am also unsure how we currently view 
Jolla users - as part of this community as far as Council is concerned, or 
not). I have both an N9 and a Jolla device, but I am still an N900 fan 
primarily and it is that part of the community I always interacted with 
the most. As a result, I might be less acutely aware of the difficulties 
and goals those members of our community. Of course, if elected I 
would strive to listen to all our members and do my best to 
understand and empathize with all of their concerns, but this is something 
to keep in mind.

Overall, if I am elected I will do my best to be informed by the needs and 
wants of this community, and do whatever is within my power to make those 
needs happen.

I hope that if I am elected, it is because people genuinely think I am one 
of the best choices for the position. For that to be the case, you voters 
need to be informed about me, more so than I can fit into this email. Now, 
for those who remember my involvement, whether my posting on 
talk.maemo.org or my term on the Council, you may already know enough to 
decide if you wish to vote for me. But for any and all of you who wish to 
know more about me or how I might approach this position, I welcome you to 
email me, whether privately or on this mailing list, or by talk.maemo.org 
PM, with any questions you may have.

Yours truly,
mu'o mi'e .aleksandr.kojevnikov.
(Alexander Kozhevnikov / "Mentalist Traceur") do'u
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