[maemo-community] Intention to step down from Q4 2014 election

From: Peter Pichler maemo at pichler.co.uk
Date: Tue Dec 30 23:05:27 UTC 2014
Dear Maemonians,

As I am sure you know, I accepted my nomination for the Q4 2014 Council 
election and confirmed my acceptance by email on 13 December 2014. When 
I was accepting the nomination, I did not have a clear idea of all the 
details involved but I accepted it with a sense of duty and with the 
intention of picking it up as I go along.

Unfortunately, it had become clear to me that it was a rash decision and 
that the technicalities involved may be a bit too overbearing for me at 
the current stage of my professional and personal life. I highlighted 
some of them in these two TMO posts:


Consequently, I have decided to step down as a candidate in this term's 

I do realize that the timing is not the most fortunate. I first 
announced my intention on 24 December, four days before the election, 
but, due to technical difficulties, did not follow it up with an email 
to this list until now, after the election has already started. That was 
an oversight that makes me legally still a candidate.

I also realize that re-running the election for the sake of one awkward 
candidate is not the ideal state of affairs. This creates a conundrum 
that only I am in the position of resolving. My proposed resolution is this:

1) I remain officially a candidate, there is no need to re-run the election.
2) I appeal to voters NOT to vote for me. I believe that I have caused 
enough consternation for the voters NOT to want to vote for me in the 
first place but I would like to make it clear that this is also my 
3) In case that despite all I do get elected, I will accept the result, 
assume the post of a Councillor and try to do all that is needed to not 
cause even more trouble.

My deepest apologies for all the trouble and best wishes to you all,

Peter Pichler
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