[maemo-community] 2013-12-18 Meeting Minutes (MCC Handover Meeting Q4/2013)

From: council@maemo.org nobody at maemo.org
Date: Mon Jan 13 06:00:06 UTC 2014
- Announcing election results - Farewell to stepping down memebers and welcoming new members - Nominating new chairman - Proposing date and time for the next meeting - Planning for next election - Proposals for next contest - Discussion on state of maemo infra - Things to be settled with Nokia

opic (Announcing election results): chem|st announced the MCC/Q4 election results. Members are DocScrutinizer51, chem|st, juiceme. Topic (Farewell to stepping down memebers and welcoming new members): The stepping down council memebers qwazix and merlin1991 were thanked for their valuable contribution to MCC/HFC. Also sixwheeledbeast and thedead1440 were recognized for support to community. juiceme was welcomed to council. Topic (Nominating new chairman): chem|st proposed that as the newest addition to council, juiceme should be nominated to chair. juiceme accepted on the condition that screwups will be tolerated :) Topic (Proposing date and time for the next meeting): There was a lot of discussion on the date of the next meeting. The holiday season breaks the end-of-year and it was difficult to agree on a date suitable for all. Finally it was agreed that next meeting will be held on Tuesday 2014-01-07 19:00 UTC. Topic (Planning for next election): DocScrutinizer51 suggested that it would be important to start planning immediately for next elections so that it can be synchronized with Hildon Foundation board elections. Topic (Proposals for next contest): chem|st asked for participants to dream up a new maemo contest topic over christmas holidays. Topic (Discussion on state of maemo infra): qwazix brought up the topic of upgrading the infrastructure. There was some discussion on using the funds reserved for HW upkeep. Topic (Things to be settled with Nokia): The "Maemo" name licencing from Nokia is still an open issue. To properly transfer the name and domain name to us from Nokia needs some paperwork. Action Items: N/A

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