[maemo-community] announce for candidacy to Community Council election

From: Peter Leinchen peterleinchen at t-online.de
Date: Mon Jun 30 19:35:34 UTC 2014
Hi community,

I -Peter Leinchen, peterleinchen- hereby announce my candidation for the Community Council election Q2/2014.
Some may know me already, some not. I do love our little N-gems (even the Symbian ones ;)) and joined the Maemo enthusiasts in 2010. Since then I could not stop to tinker with my N900/N9/N950 and learn the Linux/OSS way.
I learned a lot here and soon started to see that it is also fun to give back / support (hereby continuing to learn).
I do not sail (yet) but am waiting for Neo.
I am the 'kind guy' and will not accept any odd behaviour.
Work wise I have a ME graduate and do some programming/projecting/specification (also incl. commissioning) stuff for automation of old economy. On Windoze...
Family wise I am trying to survive my two little 'human alarm clocks'.

I repeat myself and let you know that there may be times when I am not available for CC.
I never ever used a mailing list (actively) but do know what IRC is (definitely not my favorite but acceptable for meetings).
Keep that in mind, please.

All the best

mailto:peterleinchen at t-online.de
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