[maemo-community] Nominations for Council election - Mariusmssj

From: Mλrius☆ Goldy Locks mariusmiknis at hotmail.com
Date: Sun Jun 29 20:29:17 UTC 2014
Hope I am doing this right!


I would like to accept the nomination.

I am not good with introductions so I will try to keep it short and sweet.

First discovered this community after I saw N9 being announced and fell 
in love with it. Took me a year to get N9 but I was in the forums 
lurking for a while before that. 

Love the community and it's people got passion for open source 
technology. Have used N900 and do like it, just never could buy it.

I do a bit of programming but not too much my main contributions are in 
Jolla apps. But I would like to get more involved with the community 

Life wise I am a PhD student working in computer vision.

Thank you 

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