[maemo-community] maemo.org infra safety - HiFo action URGENTLY needed.

From: thezogg at gmail.com thezogg at gmail.com
Date: Sat Mar 8 09:42:42 UTC 2014
I know you both, and I would not expect from you both such a thing. It's even not matter who is tight, it's about - "what it would do and where it would lead us"...

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Subject: Re: maemo.org infra safety - HiFo action URGENTLY needed.

On Sat 08 March 2014 05:02:03 you wrote:
> > You don't see a pattern by yourself, spamming lies claiming they were
> > facts? you say you can easily quote logs?
> > show the log where I said I'd format servers, asshole!
> > 
> > your whole funny tale is for babies
> Thanks for giving me permission, legally, to share this publicly. Find
> your request attached.

Fine! thought as much, you can't come up with any quote showing you're right.
Thanks for spreading lies about me, a really honest move of a ex council.

For those who missed it, check again the lies Woody spreads!
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