[maemo-community] maemo.org infra safety - HiFo action URGENTLY needed.

From: Falk Stern falk at fourecks.de
Date: Mon Mar 10 08:02:02 UTC 2014
Hi everyone, 

Could we please stop bickering and behave like adults again? 

I know that not everything went optimal during the last year, with HiFo being a bit unresponsive on urgent tasks during the server move. But threats from both sides help nobody keeping infrastructure running. 

I can see the goals Rüdiger and Gido have in mind with the new e.V., putting everything under one jurisdiction. This completely avoids the mess we had as there would be clear responsibilities who gets to decide what would be done. 

We _all_ have the same goal, to keep this community alive, despite the hardware getting old and worn. We should use our time to further that goal, not keeping us up with who took whose toys away. 

I can completely understand chemist's point of view regarding the backup server and also Joerg, who had/has the job of keeping everything running. They are both valid, but it seems that personal issues have come into the way. 

Also I see woody's point in not wanting to deal with actions possibly putting him into jail. The US of A apparently has a complete different understanding regarding foundations than Germany has. I wouldn't risk my personal life for a community that keeps constantly fighting instead of bringing things forward. 

www.maemo.org is an utter mess, nobody understands what the CMS there is doing and why it behaves that way. The only things I currently see functional are the wiki, talk, builder and the repos. Midgard is running on autopilot for nearly a year and is falling apart. Garage nearly looks the same. 

I think a good way of directing our energies is towards the development of a sane organizational structure with clear responsibilities defined and then trying to actually build a new infrastructure which can support us for the next coming years. Neo900 probably wants a community and software. 

If we keep up with arguing, we can alienate most of the community aka our "customers". Community pays for infrastructure running with donations, and our job should be to give a working infrastructure to the community. Not wasting time discussing who failed at putting things to work in the past time. 

We are all not professionals in what we do for the community and we are all not perfect. So maybe we should be more forgiving and not pointing fingers at everyone making a mistake and discussing the mistake for ages and putting oil into the fire. 

I'm tired of flaming, so before hitting reply, stand a bit back and think how we can all solve the issues we have. 

just my 2 cents, 


We reject kings, presidents and voting. 
We believe in rough consensus and running code.
  - David Clark

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