[maemo-community] maemo.org infra safety - HiFo action URGENTLY needed.

From: joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Date: Thu Mar 13 03:21:05 UTC 2014
On Thu 13 March 2014 02:35:10 joerg Reisenweber wrote:
> [2014-03-12 22:49:27] <andre__> mentioning "no closed channels" is funny
> when hiding discussions and work in ##maemo-admin...
> [2014-03-12 22:55:53] <DocScrutinizer05> ##maemo-admin is THE channel for
> ALL techstaff to communicate *in the open* of techstaff crew
> [2014-03-12 22:56:33] <DocScrutinizer05> not only techstaff but even
> council and yes even HiFo
> [2014-03-12 22:57:35] <DocScrutinizer05> you can't expect security threats
> getting discussed and defeated in #maemo, eh?
> [2014-03-12 22:58:13] <DocScrutinizer05> we even have community visitors
> there, e.g. Pali
> [2014-03-12 22:58:56] <DocScrutinizer05> techstaff at maemo.org is an
> alternative "open" channel which you refused to deal with. A pity
> [2014-03-12 22:59:47] <DocScrutinizer05> anyway, when you got criticism, I
> hope you also have suggestions. Come up with them! how to do it better? I'm
> listening
> [2014-03-12 23:00:15] <andre__> if there was something secret to discuss,
> sure.
> [2014-03-12 23:00:20] <andre__> I gave up joining ##maemo-admin - too much
> hassle (access restriction) to set up.
> [2014-03-12 23:00:54] <andre__> I didn't "refuse to deal with". I asked to
> unsubscribe me because 0 emails were interesting to me.
> [2014-03-12 23:00:58] <DocScrutinizer05> ok, thanks for this helpful
> contribution
> [2014-03-12 23:01:09] <andre__> You're welcome. Always happy to remind of
> more openness.
> [2014-03-12 23:01:11] <DocScrutinizer05> afk
> [2014-03-12 23:02:02] <andre__> I wonder how many "security threads" were
> actually discussed. And how much stuff in private that could have easily
> been in public. But that's the normal problem with closed channels...
> [2014-03-12 23:02:47] <DocScrutinizer05> you should know that every single
> IP of a user, every single email alias or address is stuff that mustn't
> get disclosed to the public
> [2014-03-12 23:03:19] <DocScrutinizer05> thus admin channels are not public
> [2014-03-12 23:05:27] <DocScrutinizer05> anyway since you refer to
> something I posted where I referred to how HiFo handled stuff in an
> unacceptable intolerable way: I wouldn't have had any objections when HiFo
> had discussed new backup server in #maemo. I would have been happy to see
> it getting discussed here
> [2014-03-12 23:05:35] <DocScrutinizer05> now afk for good
[2014-03-13 02:56:55] <DocScrutinizer05> andre__: I MUSTN'T select 
techstaff at maemo.org mail to send only that mails to you I think might be 
interesting for you. I'm *NOT* running a one-man-show in maemo infra 
maintenance. It's up to *you* to decide what's "interesting to you" and what 
you rather want to ignore. Imagine me selecting which of the mails to techstaff 
I'd forward to you. Are *you* ready to deal with the shitstorm this would 
cause? I'm not
[2014-03-13 03:00:25] <DocScrutinizer05> there is no "one-man-show" (yet? 
seems some guys want to establish that) in maemo infra maintenance. Whole 
techstaff are peers, and sysops are our dignified masters. Nota bene I'm NOT one 
of them
[2014-03-13 03:04:30] <DocScrutinizer05> (not really, since I know I can't 
compete, and I try to keep my permissions as keyholder lower than those of the 
[2014-03-13 03:07:09] <DocScrutinizer05> if the right people want to kill my 
accounts, they are pretty easily able to do so, in no time. Zilch I could do 
against that. I'm providing a service to techstaff and to community. And God 
knows it's a PITA to do so, particularly when fools try to play power games
[2014-03-13 03:23:36] <andre__> DocScrutinizer05, not sure what your problem 
is talking about "killing your accounts" and why you tell me. What I wrote was 
that techstaff@ mails aren't interesting to me.
[2014-03-13 03:31:18] <DocScrutinizer05> I'm trying to set up an orga that is 
as liberal and as much independent of my own person as I can figure. No 
"joerg at maemo.org" for complaints regarding any maemo issues is one of the 
measures. Not holding any power that would forbid sysops nuking all my 
accounts is another. Then I feel responsible to not allow anybody rogue to 
access stuff  in maemo.org infra, which is another task I try to fulfill. I'm 
not the one responsible or in command of maemo, I just try to manage stuff 
according to best practice and common sense. You came accusing me to not 
operate "open" enough. I don't know how to do any better. Either you suggest 
better alternatives or I can't help with your concerns
[2014-03-13 03:38:07] <DocScrutinizer05> it's *techstaff* who has control over 
maemo.org, *not me*
[2014-03-13 03:44:26] <DocScrutinizer05> either you are interested in 
techstaff@ and  discuss alternatives there, or you don't care about how and 
where techstaff communicates
[2014-03-13 03:45:07] <DocScrutinizer05> accusing me for not managing stuff 
"open enough" is nonsense
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