[maemo-community] why is maemo-community at maemo.org vomiting up 50 emails from a year ago?

From: juice juice at swagman.org
Date: Thu Nov 13 20:30:26 UTC 2014
Joseph Charpak kirjoitti 2014-11-13 22:15:
> I've just received 50 emails from maemo-community at maemo.org all with
> sent dates ranging from at least 2 months ago to at most 19 months
> ago.

Yes, that's my fault really, but I promisse it will not happen again :)

See, the maemo mailing list has not been moderated for a few years, and 
there was a considerable backlog of messages. Mostly spam of course, but 
there was also the said 50+ mails that have been pending moderator 

I finally got all 2000+ spam emails purged, and let the real content 
rush onto the list.

   - Juice -

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