[maemo-community] Resignation of Joerg Reisenweber (DocScrutinizer*/joerg_rw) from Maemo Council

From: Timo Pelkonen peltsip at gmail.com
Date: Mon Oct 20 12:30:44 UTC 2014

Estel still here?

Feel really sorry for rest of you guys!


2014-10-20 14:55 GMT+03:00 <thezogg at gmail.com>:

> Actually I agree that everyone should know history of how Estel did
> nothing for community except talking too much, giving himself price of N950
> when he was in council. Being kicked by other council members and keep
> spreading lies and judging other people.
> Shut up already!!!
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> In case anyone missed it, buried under fanboys screaming - my point is
> that Community DESERVES honesty from people representing it. Just
> "because.", but also because those that doesn't know history are doomed to
> repeat it, or so the say. It apply to our small-scale Maemo's history, too.
> People that voted for joerg in last election deserve to know WHY he had to
> be removed by other Council members (no matter if they like the fact, or
> not). Same apply for new members that might join Community at later date.
> What if the same pest (or one of his fanboys) re-appears after 2 or 3
> years, candidating again, with his "awesome" vision of Community
> "development"? Who will we blame for people voting for him, if now we're
> lying on mailing list, replacing "disciplinary and forcibly removed from
> Council" with "honorably discharged due to personal reasons"?
> Don't want to tickle too serious strings, but it happens all around us, in
> real world, too. Suddenly, comrade Stalin stop being murderer and becomes
> national hero - with the effects that we all know. Mass-lie have disastrous
> effects on Communities, no matter of scale - be it whole big nation, or
> small Community, like ours.
> Apart from all this, it's just plain rude to push plain BS down the
> Community throat, for dubious "diplomatic" reasons. Simple as that.
> /Estel
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