[maemo-community] 2014-08-19_meeting_minutes

From: Peter Leinchen peterleinchen at t-online.de
Date: Mon Sep 15 19:14:52 UTC 2014

Meeting held 2014-08-19 at 20:00 UTC on FreeNode, channel #maemo-meeting (logs)

Attending: Paul Haley (sixwheeledbeast) Joerg Reisenweber (DocScrutinizer05), Niel Nielsen (nieldk), Philippe Coval (RzR)

Partial: (xes)

Absent: Jussi Ohenoja (juiceme), Peter Leinchen (peterleinchen)

Summary of topics (ordered by discussion):

    * new MC e.V. structure, roles of HiFo/MC e.V. and Council
    * karma calculation
    * coop with Jolla

Topic (new MC e.V. structure, roles of HiFo/MC e.V. and Council):

    * Discussion on new MC e.V. structure as well as the roles of HiFo/MC e.V. and council.
    * DocScrutinizer disagreed with the authority of MC e.V.
    * General agreement that the council rules are already defined.
    * Feedback from community is asked for and will be welcome.

Topic (karma calculation):

    * Discussion on the "karma" calculation issue for voting system.

Topic (coop/friend with Jolla):

    * Discussion on the cooperation / "make friends" with Jolla.

Action Items:

    * Check if karma calculation/evaluation is fixed.
    * NielDK to prepare a draft for letter to Jolla.

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