[maemo-community] 2014-09-02_meeting_minutes

From: Gido Griese maemo at gido-griese.de
Date: Sat Sep 20 19:55:10 UTC 2014
Am 19.09.2014 18:49, schrieb Estel Letsee:
>> 2014-09-19 17:31 GMT+02:00, joerg Reisenweber <joerg at openmoko.org>:
> Well, I'm sure that it pretty much sums the value of joerg's
> argumentation ;)
Indeed such behaviour is intolerable and must stop either way
(unsolicited or by force).
Sadly it also sums the respect towards those who actually do care about
community and are actively participating in evolving it towards a stable
self-driven organisational structure. Constructive input from joergs
side OTOH is pending since the idea of an eV was put into words (and I
pointed to the crucial point from the very beginning:
Also, disrespect towards any kind of organisational authority seems to
be somebodys hobbyhorse here too. While claiming to be the only true
community-saviour, constantly knocking over honourable and engaging
community members (there's quite a list already) obviously doesn't lead
nowhere and ruins any community in the long term. This needs to stop
either way too.

> The MCeV is an entity and chain of command
> is "General Meeting>Board>Council"
>> See above. No Way. Council doesn't take any orders from anybody except from 
>> community via referendum...
Correct, Council doesn't take any orders from anybody In the MC eV, you
made that up somewhere; chain of command is more like "General Meeting
next to Council > Board". Nevertheless, Council has to adhere to its'
organisational structures (MC eV rulings) since it is a part of it.
AGAIN, it is written in MC eV bylaws § 7 (5):
"The Board of Directors executes the Council's and General Assembly's
Board may of course deny execution of rogue or unlawful requests, which
leaves room for interpretation (what exactly is rogue?), so all this is
kind of relative. MC eV won't execute Council's rulings unless Council
identifies itself as being part of MC eV though. Council can't be some
group beyond any organisational structure it wants to take influence on.
Should be self-explanatory...
What's far more important IMHO is that Board, Council and General
Meeting are having a healthy self-perception and don't feel as opponents
but as partners. They are wheels in a machinery and only together they
can move. Unless each party is pulling on the same rope in the same
direction, Maemo society can't evolve.

Communitys' legal entity is the operator of maemo.org.
Why would a sane mind ignore the fact that there's no Nokia Community
Manager (http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_Council/Election_process) and
no Nokia-generated information (http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_Council)
anymore?! Council FAQ (http://wiki.maemo.org/Community_Council/FAQ)
needs serious rework too.
This is not a question of Philosophy but of adhering to reality and
legal as well as Nokia-contractually relevant requirements.

> "big red button" re-election of *both* entities
...may be established any time, if desired.
General Regulations and Bylaws may be altered within given-by-law
borders, nothing is set in stone.
The major point is that MC eV (like ANY other eV) is designed (by law)
to be member-controlled. General Meeting HAS to be the highest
jurisdiction and since it was them (in the kickoff-meeting) to establish
those rules, they HAVE to remain authority to alter them, BY LAW.

> ...all this mess-up happening to community - all the damage to the 
> carefully designed and adjusted proven-to-work democratic rules introduced by 
> two persons in HiFo rushing over all those rules in an ignorant and sloppy 
> way...
This obviously is your interpretation of things since you decided to
refuse to either work on the bylaws or to adopt to obvious requirements.
Fact is, those declared as "carefully designed and adjusted
proven-to-work democratic rules" are completely outdated and simply
don't respect reality.
Also please finally get that I myself suggested a referendum
(http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=93566&highlight=referendum), no
dissent here, only plenty of gunpowder smoke from your side...

> ...and all this happily supported by majority of new council - isn't 
> compliant with my moral codex of adhering to the rules that I am liable to as 
> a council member and about being honest to the community who elected me, I'm 
> announcing my general veto...
LOL, your general what? You seriously are attempting to fool people with
such a sloppy "announcement"? Stick it back to where you draw it from...
Your moral codex went to your head it seems. Democracy means something
like accepting majorities, I believe?

> to tall this and - due to the fact this isn't 
> considered any relevant - will refrain from any further active participation 
> in such rogue activity. Maemo at large finally reached a state where I don't 
> want to participate any longer.
Conspirational or obstructional activity is not an option and
non-tolerable. Please show responsible and draw the natural consequence
on your own (or if not, in return let others help you show the way,
since you already have proven to be untenable on several occasions, for
HiFo as well as MC eV as well as Council). Everybody should also keep in
mind the commercial interest joerg has, which he himself pointed out
here: http://lists.maemo.org/pipermail/maemo-community/2014-June/006001.html
It all becomes too obvious now and if a Nokia Community Manager still
was in place, joerg obviously never would have made it as councilor,
don't you think?
But I'm starting to repeat myself and all this struggling is getting
tedious. Let's move on with the referendum. Serious input is welcome by
council, please forward your constructive ideas.
Thank you.

Best regards

Win7Mac/Gido Griese

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