[maemo-community] 2014-09-02_meeting_minutes

From: Estel Letsee twilight312 at gmail.com
Date: Sun Sep 21 08:26:39 UTC 2014
2014-09-21 3:20 GMT+02:00, aaron mcewan <chainsawbike at gmail.com>:
> Hi
> Reading this thread it is easy to tell that heated emotions are stopping
> people understanding each other, and this is only causing things to get more
> heated.

Sorry Aaron, but such round words were spoken (literally) countless of
times before, to the point that it's not even funny. There is *not*
problem of "emotions stopping people form understanding each other" -
it's basically whole Community vs. one person (joerg) acting like
spoiled kid, and trying to block changes that Community is embracing,
without even slightest formal reasons OR force to do so. Once, this
manchild tried to enforce his views by threatening to "reset Maemo
infrastructure", banning people left and right, and such things -
nowadays, he is totally powerless for even such childish attempts.

It couldn't even be called "poeterring syndrome" , cause bad'old
lennart does have, at least, some misguided cult following. With our
personal "hot potato man", you can count his fanboys in fingers of one
hand, nowadays. Not even worth bothering.

The sole reason that we even have to listen to all this nonsense, is
that amongst the ultra-awesome-representative electorate of 80 voting
people, we have bunch of "I don't know anything, I don't care, but I
got voting balloon and I trust joerg, he gave me a candy once and he
thinks for me, so I don't have to go through such tiring exercise"
Community "members", that are showing interest in Community affairs
exactly once per voting - when they put their trust in random names,
choosing whatever person that ring any bells in their minds. Not that
it matters much, again, as he is literally SOLE opposing one, and
doing it in quite bad taste, too - but it's worth to mention, anyway.
At least, our usual Maemo voters aren't worse than your everyday, real
life, "I-know-nothing" ones...

BTW, the inactive members holding active ones hostage is one the very
thing, that new Community organizational structure is trying to

As for the REALLY important thing, Gido Griese  addressed them,
patiently, point by point, spending respectable amount of time to
explain obvious things to people that don't care about educating
themselves before participating in discussion. Kudos for that, I had
this kind of explanatory patience, long time ago... Even more respect
for you *still* having it.

The answer was, as to be expected from spoiled kiddo:

Sat, 20 Sep 2014 22:50 +0200, joerg Reisenweber <joerg at openmoko.org>:
> On Sat 20 September 2014 21:55:10 Gido Griese wrote:
>> blabla, insult, bla, bashing, blablabla

...so if anyone tells me again that there is a "mutual problem of
understanding", you're sure to get my personal, virtual, "wake-up"
kick in the cybernetic... back. There is no "mutual" misunderstanding,
the problem is EXTREMELY, obscenely, one-sided.

Anyway, again - even more after Gido's detailed answer - the question
is (sorry for repeating myself...):
Does anyone see any formal problem with Community choosing how to
govern itself, via bloody REFERENDUM? Or we're, again, just performing
en-masse re-education of one spoiled egocentric manchild?

Hate to spoil your fun, but if there are no formal problems with what
99,99% of board and Council want, then I have better things to do. I
guess Maemo as whole also have better things to worry about, but,
whatever, you judge.

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