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From: thezogg at gmail.com thezogg at gmail.com
Date: Sun Sep 21 09:11:36 UTC 2014
He is talking about you being kicked off of council, about your fights with community and other council members. About you having person problems with Doc on IRC as you was banned kicked their, as well as banned and kicked on forums not once. 
I'm pretty sure it was obvious ‎that you would use any opportunity (conflict) against Doc and just would add oil to fire. Stop judging others, especially when we all know what you worth and what you've done!
Good day.

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2014-09-21 10:33 GMT+02:00, Andrew Konstantinidis <k.konandr at gmail.com>:
> Stop killing the cell phone I love as twilight is pointing out above.
> Although I am just an observer I remember the “contributions” of Estel
> (older arguments fights) and i don’t even know why he is still around

For a starter, you're surely mixing people, emails, etc - talking
positively and negatively about the same person, without even
realizing it. Not that it matters, as it doesn't have a slightest
correlation to the matter that we're discussing at hand...

Apart from it, why the hell anyone would be willing to insult you?
Calling for "peace" and taunting for insults at the same post sounds
silly, at best. Even more so, if you add mixing things, showing that
you've rather misty idea of the topic at hand (but of course, you
couldn't refrain yourself from participating - oh no, it would be
INVALUABLE loss...). Which, accidental, quite fits into what I've
written about "I know nothing" voters.

Sure, you love N900 (even though discussion is about MAEMO as a whole,
not the single damn, lovely cell phone you're interested in), no one
takes it from you - but informed and educated participation takes more
than that. No disrespect, no offense, just a call for doing your
homework first. Take care.

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