[maemo-community] 2014-09-02_meeting_minutes

From: juice juice at swagman.org
Date: Tue Sep 23 05:29:55 UTC 2014
Woody14619 kirjoitti 2014-09-22 22:40:
> Again, I advocate for the complete separation of the two.  Council is 
> Council
> and does it's thing, making requests of the e.V., with no direct 
> control or
> influence.  The GA/e.V. are separate and own/operate m.o on the 
> communities
> behalf, once taking that responsibility from HiFo.  Simple, clean, 
> requires no
> referendums, and keeps Council political crap out of e.V.

I think this nicely sums out the situation.

I have been thinking of this as we decided to have the referendum that'd 
clear out the council election problem, but maybe we have been trying to 
go at it from the wrong angle. I wanted to have the Maemo Council as a 
real ruling body, but it looks like it is not necessary as we already 
have Maemo e.V. as the successor of Hildon Foundation to take care of 
If council is to have the same role it had when Nokia was still the 
supreme acting agent in all things Maemo, we really need to change 

The only hindurance I see here is organizational complexity; we now have 
2 different entities, Maemo e.V. and Maemo Council, both having to hold 
separate elections by different electorate by their rulings.

Additionally the members of the  Maemo Council may be frustrated by the 
fact that the councillors have no real power except as to advice/request 
actions of Maemo e.V.

   - Juice -

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